/ Game Development

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Fault is an fast-paced obstacle avoidance game intended for touch-screen mobile devices. Created using Lua and Love2D.

Blue Screen

Blue Screen mixes Thief-style first-person stealth with a 6-DOF Descent-style shooter. Created in under 48 hours using Unity.


Ulfhednar is a co-op bullet-hell shooter. It supports a variety of inputs, and has no player cap. Created using Lua and Love2D.

More Games

/ Graphics Programming

Non-Euclidean GPU Raytracer

A Non-Euclidean raytracer, developed in C++ and OpenGL. Lua scripting was embedded in order to animate game objects. A level editor was created in Python.

Math Visualization Software

Basic visualization software for multidimensional functions, made in about 2 days. Created using pyOpenGL.


Hex-tiled planets in hex-tiled space.


Raytraced video, created for the CS 148 graphics class.


Implementations of Geometry Clipmaps and Quadtrees.


Simple Voxel render in C++ and OpenGL.


Scanline image created for the CS 148 class.